Singapore in beautiful scenery

Even with the short history of Singapore, there are still various beautiful historical sites to visit.

The most representative scenery of Singapore is the Merlion. The Merlion is to Singapore, like the Great Wall is to China or the Statue of Liberty is to the United States, it is a place where you must stop to visit in the Lion City.

The Merlion

The Merlion has a lion’s head and a fish tail. The fish tail symbolizes the history of a small fishing village in Singapore, while the lion head represents the Singaporean nickname of the Lion City. The history of the Merlion is not very long. In the 1960s, the Merlion was born under the artistic symbolism of the curator of an aquarium in Singapore. Later, step by step, the Merlion had its own statue, which stood quietly in Marina Bay and became a unique landscape representing Singapore.

Singapore’s Nightlife

Not far from Gardens by the Bay is Clarke Quay, where Singapore’s most enchanting night view is located. During the day, Clarke Quay looks quiet. However, when night falls, the bars on Clarke Quay opens one after another and amidst the sound of music and brilliant lights, is Singapore’s trendy nightlife.

Not far from Clarke Quay, there is another Singapore nightlife – the nightlife of Chinatown. If the nightlife in Clarke Quay is fashionable, then the nightlife in Chinatown is traditional.


The origin of the name Chinatown is also very interesting, because there was no tap water in Singapore at that time, and the Chinese living on this street used oxcarts to pull water, so this place was easily named “Chinatown”. At night, Chinatown is shining with lights, and there are all kinds of delicious and fun Chinese flavors, just like a traditional Chinese temple fair.

Chinese traditional customs can be seen everywhere in Chinatown. Whereas for Little India, Indian customs can be seen everywhere.

Little India & Malay Heritage

The colors and magnificence here are gorgeous, like a miniature India. In Little India, the merchants are Indians, and the things they sell are also quite traditionally Indian: jasmine garlands, silverware, bronze, Indian-style jewelry, sari… Every time it comes to Deepavali, it is more brilliant and lively here, radiant, and full of Indian spice aromas.

When it comes to the Malay festivals, Haji Festival and Eid al-Fitr, the place full of brilliance is Haji Lane in Singapore. In Haji Lane, not only the shops have their own personality, but every wall is also covered with ingenious murals. Next to Haji Lane is the Sultan Mosque, where Muslims will come to pray to their God.