President's Forwords

Mr. Yang Dong
President of Singapore Cultural Education Association
PhD in Microeconomics, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences

As a major financial center and regional hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore has attracted more than one-third of the world’s top 500 companies to set up their Asian headquarters here, and has become an important platform and the first stop for Asian companies to enter the global market.

Singapore is the leading education country in Asia. Singapore has been included in the ranking of “the world’s most educated countries” for many years, and its advanced and complete education system has been widely praised around the world. It can be said that the Singapore government has spared no effort in investing in education. In fact, the country’s fiscal budget, education expenditures rank second, second only to defense expenditures.

As an Asian country that “unites both Eastern and Western philosophies and cultures”, the multicultural background poses serious challenges to the formation of Singapore’s common values and Singaporean spirit. Singapore promotes multiculturalism in the cultivation and development of consensus and identity. The benign interaction has achieved equality and harmony under the care of the five common values, and finally built a national recognition model of “one body, harmonic pluralism”, and promoted the generation and development of a “harmonious society”, which is the world’s multicultural country The construction of a harmonious society provides a living example.

Singapore has gradually attracted the attention of the world with its outstanding performance in various aspects of economy, education and culture. With advanced and outstanding educational concepts, unique multiculturalism, orderly social order, and good immigration policies, it has attracted more and more elites from all over the world to start businesses and live here.

The Singapore Culture and Education Association will unite cultural and artistic groups, educational institutions, and cultural and educational circles in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world to spread Singapore’s excellent cultural and educational concepts, and to use Singapore’s advantages in exchanges and communications with other countries to advance together with everyone, and work hand in hand to promote Singapore. And the development and prosperity of Asia-Pacific countries.

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