Culture & Education Association of Singapore

CEAS stands for the Culture & Education Association of Singapore. It is a non-profit government agency approved by the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs. Its work policies are under the supervision and guidance of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. CEAS is a non-profit organization headquartered in Singapore, and has offices in China and other Asia-Pacific regions, that promotes Singapore’s culture and education to Asia-Pacific and other countries in the world. The purpose of CEAS is to let the world understand Singapore’s open, independent and diverse national culture and advanced educational concepts, unite with cultural and artistic organizations, educational institutions, cultural and educational circles in the Asia-Pacific and around the world, promote Singapore’s excellent culture, and promote Singapore to become a global influence and power state.

The focus of the association’s work is in the fields of language, art and culture, education and social development. On the CEAS platform, there are comprehensive information about international education and training, cultural art exchanges, and technological entrepreneurship project incubation from Singapore and all over the world. At the same time, CEAS also provides various art festivals, cultural festivals, and educational festivals. The forms of educational exchange activities continue to enrich the interaction and communication between Singapore and the world.

CEAS has established a membership mechanism, which includes academic members, social comprehensive service organization members, cultural and artistic organization members, etc., and will develop more overseas member organizations through its offices in China and other offices in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The existing members include various cultural service institutions, financial institutions, social service institutions, and all higher education in Singapore, as well as many Chinese higher education institutions and international education institutions. Through the association’s platform, all members promote and export to the market of different leaders, and strengthen exchanges and exchange information through various online and offline activities of the association.

In September 2020, the Singapore Cultural Education Association (referred to as CEAS) and Tsingtao Yade Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Tsingda Yade) jointly established the CEAS China Office.

CEAS China Office is close to Tsinghua Park and enjoys the resources of China’s highest academic institution. It is committed to building a comprehensive platform for Sino-Singapore cultural and artistic exchanges, international education and training, and technological entrepreneurship incubation.

Relying on the rich Chinese educational and cultural resources of Tsing Hua University and Singapore’s educational resources, CEAS China Office cooperates with domestic colleges and universities in China, including: mutual recognition of credits, educational talent training, Singapore talent training program, Singapore International Schools and other series of cooperation. In the form of summit forums, special lectures, large-scale exhibitions, and art performances and competitions between the two countries, expand social and cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand, promote the vigorous development of the cultural industries of the two countries, and enhance the friendly communication between the people of the two countries.

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