President's Forewords

As a major financial center and regional hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore has attracted more than one-third of the world’s top 500 companies to set up their Asian headquarters here, and has become an important platform and the first stop for Asian companies to enter the global market.

Association Details

CEAS stands for the Culture & Education Association of Singapore. It is a non-profit government agency approved by the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs. Its work policies are under the supervision and guidance of the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

Our Mission and Vision


Based on Singapore’s open, independent, and diverse national characteristics, guided by the national spirit of justice, equality, and development, with the goal of promoting Singapore’s prosperity and prosperity; carrying forward the Singaporean people’s excellent qualities of diligence, pragmatism, and integrity, to build educational and cultural platforms, integrates resources, communicate Singapore’s education, culture and art, and promotes exchanges between Singapore
and the world in various fields.

Unite the cultural and artistic organizations, educational institutions, and cultural and educational circles of the Asia-Pacific and the world to promote
Singapore’s excellent culture and promote Singapore to become a country of influence in the world.


Compatibility and inclusivity, equality, mutual love, harmony and innovation

Core Values

To become the premier cultural and educational exchange platform in the Asia-Pacific region

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