CEAS (China) Singapore College Language Training Program

The Singapore Cultural Education Association has joined hands with many professional language training institutions in Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha and other professional language training institutions to jointly establish the Singapore Cultural Education Association Singapore University Language Center. 

Singapore University Language Center is commissioned by various high schools, colleges and universities in Singapore, including: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang College, PSB, MDIS, SIM, Bacon College, Stamford College, Broadway International School, Singapore Nanyang Academy of Arts , Singapore Conservatory of Music, Singapore Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc., offer Singapore college language entrance tests and college English improvement courses.

CEAS (China) Singapore Primary and Secondary School Exam Preparation Training Project

CEAS offers AEIS preparation courses for Chinese students who are pre-applying to Singapore public primary and secondary schools. The format is online and offline + domestic and foreign complementary teaching models. The admission rate is high, the learning cost is low, the learning method is flexible, and the students’ internal and external courses are correct. 

CEAS Singapore local professional preparatory exam preparation training, tailored to the learning characteristics and advantages of Chinese primary and secondary school students, various entrance exams for Singapore’s public and private colleges, including the following colleges: 

Singapore Huazhong International School, Singapore Australian International School, Singapore Canadian International School, Lai Shi International School, Singapore Ying Shi Academy, Singapore Stanford American International School, Singapore San Yu Primary and Middle School, Singapore St. Francis School, Broadway International School, Singapore Supplement Ren International. 

CEAS (China) Nanyang Technological University, National University Application Project

The China Office of CEAS, together with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, National University, and Yade Education, which are ranked top in the Asian comprehensive rankings, landed at Yade College, established a Chinese education base, and opened NTU, NUS Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Master of Business Management, and Master of Education Management. , MBA and other courses in the domestic face-to-face mode. 

CEAS has formed a team of dozens of talented students who graduated from Nanyang Technological University and National University in Singapore. They are now active in various companies in Singapore and hold important positions. In the process of helping Chinese students apply for NTU and NUS, these professionals provide important guidance. CEAS and many professors and deans of the college will also cooperate on projects such as the introduction of outstanding talents. They will provide CEAS’s exclusive master’s program of Guangzhou University to guide students in interviews and increase the success rate of students’ admission. 

CEAS (China) Senior High School Talent Cultivation Project

The CEAS Senior High School Talents Training Program is a preparatory program for national universities under the School of Education Development and Innovation of the National University of Singapore. This course introduces the highest quality GCE Alevel high school education system from Singapore, combines with Chinese high school education content, integrates the main quality teachers of China and Singapore, and ensures the smooth promotion of students in the project to the National University of Singapore. The project mainly recruits Chinese junior high school graduates. Through parallel teaching in Singapore and China, students go to Singapore to take the entrance examination, providing an international education and training platform for talented students who wish to enter the world’s TOP50 universities. 

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